A Gentle Touch - "A New Way A New Look"

Daily Specials Mon-Thurs and Saturday by appt only and Friday's walkins accepted allday no groupon coupons

Manicure Monday's
$9.00 Manicure
Big City Wednesday
$21.00 Pedicure
Gel Polish Thursday's (0ver 60 gel colors and  matching toe polish)
$12.00 gel color $15.00 French
 NY City Style Friday's(walk-ins accepted only) no coupons
$25.00 (cash only)$35.00 for Mani/Pedi/Gel polish  If you would like to call or text before you come contact 
Hours: 9-6:30
Sit and Chill Saturday's/Couple Saturday's
2 Pedicure and 2 Manicure $50.00


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